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Can be designed on request.

Annemarie Léon's TOTEMS can be placed indoors or outdoors on the ground or on a piece of furniture. Before being entirely painted in red, black, pink or blue… they are filled with precious objects, finds, charms, lucky charms. These objects sometimes saved from bulky items, found in an attic, recovered from the bottom of a garden or unearthed in a corner, come back to life on these totems and acquire the status of a work of art with dignity. walls of souvenirs for those who fill them with personal objects real cabinets of curiosities for those who allow themselves to go through them in detail.

These TOTEMS borrowed from deco-responsibility, symbolic, emblematic and expressive works that have their place on the path of technical information ypcycling.

The objects are selected by the artist according to the theme desired by the purchaser. They can also be entirely or partially provided by you according to your wishes.

The totems are painted entirely with a spray gun or with epoxy paint, the totems are made to measure. The structure is made of wood or metal, the height can vary between 25 cm and 3 m according to your wishes.

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